Fee Schedule

Davidson, Hamilton, Knox, Montgomery, Rutherford, Sumner, Williamson and Wilson Counties

• Full Search - $60
• Current Owner /O & E Search - $50
• Update/Bring Down Search - $30
• Document Retrieval - $25 + Copy Costs
• Witness Closing - $150
• Property Information Guaranty - $175
• Title Insurance – Call or e-mail for rates

All Other Counties in Tennessee

• Full Search - $80 to $125
• Current Owner/O & E Search - $50 to $80
• Update/Bring Down Search - $30 to $65
• Document Retrieval - $25 to $50 + copy costs
• Witness Closing - $150 to $225
• Property Information Guaranty - $175 to $225
• Title Insurance – Call or e-mail for rates

Commercial Properties

• All products and services are available for commercial properties at $75 per hour. Estimates are available prior to work being performed.

* Optional export of search data to production software, (AIM, SoftPro) for an additional $15 to the prices listed above.

* This conversion is intended to be used to facilitate the electric transmission of certain standard information, provided from the order entry information and title search process, into a draft form of the Commitment/Policy/Title Documents. The conversion is to be used solely as a convenience and does not modify, alter or amend your responsibility as an agent for your Insurance Underwriter to examine the “Title Search Report” in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the Issuing Agency Agreement. You must also comply with all requirements of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) and all regulations promulgated thereunder. Further, any matters relevant in determining insurability that become known to you must also be included in these Policy Documents.